Medical ID for MS
Debra Robert
Debra Robert
April 16, 2019
"I’d never considered wearing a medical ID for MS, but now I'm glad I do." Debra talks about why she wears a medical ID and how it can be helpful.

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Seated Exercise for MS

Stay Safe and Active With Seated Exercise

One solution to combat the barriers you may be facing is seated exercise, where exercises and weights are done without having to get off your behind!
by Abigail Budd on January 19, 2016
Exercising With Multiple Sclerosis

How Exercising With Multiple Sclerosis Has Helped Me

"My advice is to find something. Be it walking, biking, swimming, or yoga, just keep moving forward," Gerard writes on exercising with multiple sclerosis.
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Understanding MS Brain Lesions

Top 10 NLO|MS Articles of 2015

A countdown of the top 10 NewLifeOutlook|MS articles of 2015.
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MS and Sex

MS and Sex: Embracing Love and Your Body

"MS can change how you feel pleasure; it is not allowed to steal your pleasure from you." Libby shares how to navigate the new world of sex with MS.
by Libby Selinsky on October 28, 2015
MS Changes Everything

MS Changes Everything

Most people start their day when the alarm clock goes off, excited to face another day. Well MS changes everything. My workday morning has definite routine.
by LeeAnne Lapum on October 7, 2015
Being a Mom with MS

Being a Mom with MS

"My biggest struggle with my diagnosis was reconciling my role as a parent to my serious, often disabling disease." Libby discusses being a mom with MS.
by Libby Selinsky on September 29, 2015
Relax Despite MS

Don’t Forget to Relax

"Post diagnosis, finding the time and the calm is even more difficult." Libby shares her thoughts on the importance of finding time to relax despite MS.
by Libby Selinsky on September 8, 2015
A Sweet Memory Tainted by MS1

A Sweet Memory Tainted by MS

"The memory of that day will live in my heart forever. I have to refuse to dwell on the negative aspects," writes LeeAnne.
by LeeAnne Lapum on September 2, 2015
Road Trip with MS

Leaving MS in the Dust: How to Have an Incredible Road Trip

Planning a road trip but concerned your MS might hold you back? Libby shares her tips for managing limitations and having an amazing road trip.
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3 Delicious Summer Recipes for MS

3 Delicious Summer Recipes for MS

I have come up with some great recipes for MS that are designed to keep you cool and full of all the nutrients that will help you to thrive!
by Libby Selinsky on June 23, 2015