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Abi is a writer and blogger who also works part time in the criminal justice system in the UK. She lives in Brighton with her family and plays an active role in the global MS community.

Abi was diagnosed with RRMS in 2008 and now has SPMS, but tries to see the funny side wherever possible!

Abigail's Work

Christmas With MS

Tips for Managing MS Over the Christmas Holidays

There’s so much to do before the holidays, but the endless tasks are much harder for people with MS. Find out how to cope during Christmas with MS here.
by Abigail Budd on December 11, 2018
Symptoms of MS

What Are the Most Common Symptoms of MS?

Common symptoms of MS may include fatigue, pain, sight and swallowing difficulties, numbness, and more. Learn more about MS symptoms here.
by Abigail Budd on October 2, 2018
MS Triggers

Five Common MS Triggers and How to Avoid Them

MS can strike us down when we’re least expecting it, but there are certain things known to cause a flare-up. Learn about MS triggers and how to avoid them.
by Abigail Budd on September 26, 2018
MS Fatigue

Why Multiple Sclerosis Makes You Fatigue

MS fatigue is a difficult symptom to understand and cope with. Find out how to manage MS fatigue and improve your energy level with these tips.
by Abigail Budd on August 21, 2018
What Is MS?

A Guide to Understanding What Multiple Sclerosis Is

What is MS? Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic condition that can affect your brain, spinal cord, and the optic nerves in your eyes.
by Abigail Budd on August 7, 2018
Summer Activities for MS

Four MS-Friendly Summer Activities to Do This Summer

With some thought and careful planning, there are some summer activities for MSers activities – from theme parks to traveling – that you can still enjoy.
by Abigail Budd on July 5, 2018
Coping With MS

Why Coping With MS Requires Emotional Support

Coping with MS, particularly in the weeks and months after diagnosis, is much easier when you have emotional supports to lean on.
by Abigail Budd on June 12, 2018
ms and heat

7 Strategies for Coping With MS Heat Sensitivity

MS and heat can make the late spring and summer months a challenge, but there are seven strategies you can use to help lessen the impact.
by Abigail Budd on April 30, 2018
MS diet

Can You Manage MS Symptoms With Diet?

There are many special diets for multiple sclerosis (MS), however, finding which MS diet is best for you may take some further research.
by Abigail Budd on April 18, 2018
MS in Children

Things to Know About MS in Childhood

Many people consider multiple sclerosis an adult condition but MS in children does happen, though it presents itself in different ways.
by Abigail Budd on January 29, 2018
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