A Sweet Memory Tainted by MS

Our Daughter’s Wedding

A Sweet Memory Tainted by MS1Early last year our daughter started rock climbing with a former student of my husband’s. She claimed that they were “just friends.” They had known each other in the past because they had attended the same school and we didn’t think anything of it. Over time his name came up in conversations more and more frequently.

One day he contacted us and asked if he might come over for a visit. Of course, we said yes. On that particular day we sat in the family room and carried on a pleasant conversation with our daughter and her new friend. During that conversation he asked our permission to date our daughter. Upon receiving our approval the two of them left and went straight to his parents’ house and asked their permission as well. We were quite impressed, as were his parents.

His visits became more and more frequent. At one of his prearranged visits he brought us a framed collage of them on various dates. He also brought a photo album, which he assured us that he planned to fill in the future.

A month or so later I had surgery. He stopped by that evening after work to see how I was doing. I remember vaguely that he sat on the edge of the bed. He looked me in the eye and asked how I was feeling. Still in my somewhat groggy state I replied, “I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.” He left the room and I went to sleep.


Proposals and Planning

A few weeks later he asked if he could come by for a visit after work. Of course, we said yes. We had a feeling that this visit had a specific purpose. We were definitely right. During that visit he spent some time talking to us about his purpose in dating our daughter. He talked about what he felt a relationship should be and the role of a man as a leader in the relationship.

He told us what a blessing our daughter had been in his life. It was then that he “popped the question.” He asked our blessing on marrying our daughter. We didn’t even have to think about it. He has included us in every aspect of their relationship, something not many young men do. We’ve felt honored throughout the entire development of their relationship to each other and to us.

Because MS has limited my abilities, our daughter planned the entire event. All we had to do was follow instructions. She had spreadsheets that covered everything, down to the smallest detail. She is extremely organized — she works as an office manager, which prepared her for planning any event.

Our daughter had always wanted a garden wedding. Fortunately her future in-laws had a 6000 ft.2 backyard. She worked with them planning the layout. She even helped them lay sod. No surprise to us because she has always been a real hands on type of person.

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