LeeAnne Lapum

LeeAnne Lapum, Author at New Life Outlook

About LeeAnne

LeeAnne firmly believes that her experiences with MS can be used positively to affect others facing similar illnesses.

LeeAnne refuses to sit back and play the victim. She is a survivor.

LeeAnne has written poetry, short stories and song lyrics in the past. She truly enjoys the challenge of putting things on paper in a way that will encourage, support and uplift others. It has always come easily to her.

Nothing would make LeeAnne happier than to know that she is making a difference in people's lives.

LeeAnne's Work

Everyday Life With MS

The Challenges of Everyday Life With MS

"I am no longer able to do things on my own — I am totally dependent on others." LeeAnne shares her experience with challenges of everyday life with MS.
by LeeAnne Lapum on June 7, 2016
Kindness Conquers MS

How Kindness Conquers MS

"My disability will not defeat me. Kindness will always get the upper hand over MS." LeeAnne shares how kindness conquers MS challenges.
by LeeAnne Lapum on April 26, 2016
Love and MS

Love and MS: Love Always Wins

"Over the years I have heard being diagnosed with MS can be a death sentence to a marriage." LeeAnne shares her experience with love and MS.
by LeeAnne Lapum on March 15, 2016
Getting a Fresh Start With MS

Getting a Fresh Start With MS

"I feel like I've been given hope and a chance at a fresh start." LeeAnne shares her experience with getting a fresh start with MS.
by LeeAnne Lapum on February 17, 2016
MS and Continuity of Care

Why Is Continuity of Care so Important?

"There desperately needs to be continuity in the way a person is cared for." LeeAnne discusses the importance of continuity of care for MS patients.
by LeeAnne Lapum on January 12, 2016
Lessons About MS

Learning Lessons About MS

"I’ve discovered many things since my long journey dealing with multiple sclerosis began over 23 years ago." LeeAnne shares lessons about MS she's learned.
by LeeAnne Lapum on November 17, 2015
MS Changes Everything

MS Changes Everything

Most people start their day when the alarm clock goes off, excited to face another day. Well MS changes everything. My workday morning has definite routine.
by LeeAnne Lapum on October 7, 2015
A Sweet Memory Tainted by MS1

A Sweet Memory Tainted by MS

"The memory of that day will live in my heart forever. I have to refuse to dwell on the negative aspects," writes LeeAnne.
by LeeAnne Lapum on September 2, 2015
How Weather Changes Can Impact MS Symptoms

How Weather Changes Can Impact MS Symptoms

Most people look forward to upcoming events, but for me they can be frightening because of my experience with MS and weather changes.
by LeeAnne Lapum on July 22, 2015
Keeping Faith with MS

Keeping Faith with MS

What has gotten me through it? It's really not that complicated. My faith plays a big part in my daily routine.
by LeeAnne Lapum on April 8, 2015