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Eric L. Patterson, LPC, is a professional counselor in western Pennsylvania working for over a decade to help his clients live happier lives. By night, he is a dad, husband, runner and freelance writer specializing in transferring his mental health knowledge and experience into clear, actionable content for his readers.

Recently, Eric’s writing has expanded to a lighter side with Consume Review Repeat. Whether the topic is as serious as the impacts of anxiety or as silly as the best iced coffees around, Eric strives to keep his writing sharp, engaging and enlightening.

Eric loves his daughters, indie rock music and all things zombies. Read more about Eric and his writing on his website.

Eric's Work

MS and Depression

How to Fight Back Against MS and Depression

MS and depression often go together – up to half of all people with MS will meet the criteria for a diagnosis. Learn more about why, and getting help.
by Eric Patterson on October 29, 2018
Pet Therapy for MS

Five Benefits of Having a Pet When You Have MS

Did you know that pet therapy for MS has a wide range of benefits? These benefits can range from therapeutic to improving mental and physical health.
by Erica Wilson and Eric Patterson on August 1, 2018
Dating With MS

How to Navigate Dating With MS

Dating with MS may pose some challenges most people don't have to think about, but that doesn't mean you can't find your soul mate.
by Eric Patterson on March 8, 2016
Staying Optimistic With MS

Staying Optimistic With MS

Staying optimistic with MS isn't always easy, and it does not just happen. You have to make it happen. Here are some simple tips to help.
by Gerard Blink and Eric Patterson on February 17, 2016
MS and Anxiety

How to Cope With MS and Anxiety

As if MS on its own wasn't difficult enough, many people suffer with MS and anxiety as well. Learn how to cope from counselor Eric and MS warrior Libby.
by Eric Patterson and Libby Selinsky on December 7, 2015
Intimacy with MS

Maintaining Intimacy with MS

Sex and intimacy with MS can be a struggle. Counselor Eric Patterson shares some tips for maintaining intimacy despite the challenges of MS.
by Eric Patterson on August 17, 2015
Navigating MS and Relationships

Navigating MS and Relationships

Maintaining healthy relationships while battling MS isn't easy. Counselor Eric Patterson shares some strategies for coping with MS and relationships.
by Eric Patterson on March 11, 2015
MS and Exercise

MS and Exercise

It's important to your overall well-being that MS and exercise go hand in hand. Learn about the many benefits of exercise and how to overcome the barriers.
by Eric Patterson on December 29, 2014
MS Mental Health

MS Mental Health

Depression, anxiety and mood swings are all common in people with MS. This MS mental health impact needs to be treated just as much as physical symptoms do.
by Eric Patterson on December 10, 2014
Coping with Lack of Mobility

Coping with Lack of Mobility

If you've recently had to make the shift to a wheelchair, you may be grieving your loss of mobility. Consider these tips for adjusting to a wheelchair.
by Eric Patterson on November 19, 2014