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Amy Manley
Amy Manley
May 17, 2019
Massage therapy for MS patients can be effective in decreasing stress and improving flexibility. Learn whether massages would be beneficial to you here.

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A woman scratching her arm

Tips for Alleviating Itchy Skin With Multiple Sclerosis

There are several connections between MS and itchy skin. While it is common, there are many things you can do to help alleviate your itchy skin.
by Brenda Vanta on February 28, 2019
Kaleidoscope Vision and Multiple Sclerosis

How Common Is Kaleidoscopic Vision in People With MS?

Many people with multiple sclerosis report visual changes such as kaleidoscope vision. Learn more about this type of MS visual disturbance here.
by Erica Wilson on February 20, 2019
MS Hug

What Is the MS Hug and How Do You Treat It?

The pain known as the MS hug is fairly common among sufferers, although the sensation can vary significantly, making it difficult to track and treat.
by Erica Wilson on January 29, 2019
MS Joint Pain

What Can Be Done to Help Joint Pain?

MS joint pain is very common in the knees and hips and is usually caused by bad posture and compensating for bits of us that don’t work the way they should.
by Abigail Budd on December 27, 2018
MS Bladder Problems

The Connection Between MS and Bladder Problems

Bladder problems affect around 80% of people with multiple sclerosis. Learn about the most common MS bladder problems and what you can do about them here.
by Amy Manley and Brenda Vanta on December 10, 2018
MS Back Pain

How to Treat Back Pain With MS

There are a number of factors that can contribute to MS back pain, and as a result, there are several treatment options to help relieve the symptoms.
by Patricia Bratianu on November 28, 2018
ms numbness

How to Cope With MS Numbness and Tingling

When you have MS numbness and tingling can become so uncomfortable they begin to interfere with daily life. Learn about controlling these symptoms here.
by Angela Finlay on November 6, 2018
Symptoms of MS

What Are the Most Common Symptoms of MS?

Common symptoms of MS may include fatigue, pain, sight and swallowing difficulties, numbness, and more. Learn more about MS symptoms here.
by Abigail Budd on October 2, 2018
MS Triggers

Five Common MS Triggers and How to Avoid Them

MS can strike us down when we’re least expecting it, but there are certain things known to cause a flare-up. Learn about MS triggers and how to avoid them.
by Abigail Budd on September 26, 2018
What Does MS Pain Feel Like?

What Does MS Pain Feel Like?

"What does MS pain feel like?" Debra explains what it's like to experience MS pain physically, emotionally and mentally.
by Debra Robert on September 5, 2018
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