Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
Erica Wilson
Erica Wilson
September 19, 2018
Multiple sclerosis treatment options depend on what type of MS you have, but it may involve medication, complementary therapies, and lifestyle changes.

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What Does MS Pain Feel Like?

What Does MS Pain Feel Like?

"What does MS pain feel like?" Debra explains what it's like to experience MS pain physically, emotionally and mentally.
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MS Fatigue

Why Multiple Sclerosis Makes You Fatigue

MS fatigue is a difficult symptom to understand and cope with. Find out how to manage MS fatigue and improve your energy level with these tips.
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ms and heat

7 Strategies for Coping With MS Heat Sensitivity

MS and heat can make the late spring and summer months a challenge, but there are seven strategies you can use to help lessen the impact.
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MS and Vertigo

Are Vertigo and Dizziness Symptoms of MS?

While it often comes and goes, some people who have MS experience vertigo or dizziness frequently. Learn how to manage MS and vertigo.
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Managing MS Symptoms

29 Tips to Help You Manage Common MS Symptoms

Managing MS symptoms is hard work. To keep your life productive and full, keep some of these tips in mind from this symptoms management guide.
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Multiple Sclerosis Headache

Are Headaches a Symptom of MS?

A multiple sclerosis headache isn't thought of as a symptom, but there are few studies which show people with MS are more likely to get them than others.
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Understanding MS and the Body

How Does MS Affect the Body?

MS affects people in different ways. This article explains how MS can affect the body and offers suggestions for how to minimize its affects on the body.
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Video Coping With MS Hug

Coping With MS Hug

Have you ever experienced MS hug? MSer Sebastian Mortensen shares his experience and how to cope with this uncomfortable sensation.
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Multiple Sclerosis Constipation

The Issue No One Talks About: MS Constipation

We know why MS causes bladder issues, but little is understood about its impact on the bowels. Abi discusses MS constipation and what can be done about it.
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Infographic Restless Legs Syndrome and MS

Restless Legs Syndrome and MS

People with multiple sclerosis (MS) are five times more likely to lose sleep over restless legs syndrome (RLS) than the general population.
by NewLifeOutlook Team on November 15, 2016
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