Multiple Sclerosis Risk Factors
Abigail Budd
Abigail Budd
February 5, 2019
While the possible causes of multiple sclerosis aren't fully understood, scientists have some theories about multiple sclerosis risk factors.

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Secondary Progressive MS

Secondary Progressive MS or Relapse?

Many of us don't know when we have secondary progressive MS. How do we know the difference between a nasty relapse and disease progression?
by Abigail Budd on January 19, 2016
Vision Problems and MS

Vision Problems and MS

Do you get vision problems from your Multiple Sclerosis? Eighty percent of us get them as vision problems and MS is quite common.
by Libby Selinsky on August 4, 2015
6 Less Common MS Symptoms

6 Less Common MS Symptoms

Every MSer knows all about the most common symptoms of MS, but with a disease affects every sufferer differently, what about the less common MS symptoms?
by Abigail Budd on July 29, 2015
Understanding Multiple Sclerosis Brain Fog

Fighting Back Against MS Brain Fog

MS brain fog is one of the most common symptoms people with multiple sclerosis face, and for many the most difficult to deal with. So how do we combat it?
by Libby Selinsky on July 15, 2015
MS Coordination Problems

MS Coordination Problems

Most MS sufferers experience coordination problems with MS because this condition affects your balance and ability to walk in several ways.
by Brenda Vanta on April 21, 2015
MS and Migraines

The Connection Between MS and Migraines

Unfortunately, MS and migraines go together; over 40% of MS patients meet the criteria for migraine pain. Learn about why and your treatment options.
by Angela Finlay on March 25, 2015
MS Spasticity

Coping With MS Spasticity

MS spasticity, or the muscle stiffness and spasms that often accompany multiple sclerosis, targets the muscles of the legs and arms.
by Yvonne Banks on December 22, 2014
MS and Itchy Skin

MS and Itchy Skin

MS and Itchy Skin: There are several explanations why MS causes itchy skin, and also a several things you can do to manage it.
by Brenda Vanta on November 26, 2014
MS and Trouble Swallowing

MS and Trouble Swallowing

MS and Trouble Swallowing: Many simple, noninvasive techniques are available to help you swallow better, but also consider seeking professional help.
by Eric Patterson on November 12, 2014
MS Memory Loss

9 Tips for Limiting MS Memory Loss

While there's no way to end the symptoms of MS, using cognitive behavioral interventions can assist in diminishing the unwanted effect of MS memory loss.
by Eric Patterson on August 19, 2014