Medical ID for MS
Debra Robert
Debra Robert
April 16, 2019
"I’d never considered wearing a medical ID for MS, but now I'm glad I do." Debra talks about why she wears a medical ID and how it can be helpful.

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Driving With MS

Driving With Mobility Issues: Adaptations, Risks, and Assistance

"I’ve just received my new drivers license, which has taken me months to prove I’m still eligible for." Abi shares her experience driving with MS.
by Abigail Budd on March 29, 2017
Is Multiple Sclerosis Fatal?

Facing Mortality, Complications, and Fears

Is multiple sclerosis fatal? No one can escape death, but for those with MS, we have inescapable factors that may determine how our lives might end.
by Debra Robert on March 1, 2017
Multiple Sclerosis Flare-Up

Persevering Through an MS Relapse

"If it were not for relapses, MS would be nothing." Libby shares how she gets through a multiple sclerosis flare-up.
by Libby Selinsky on November 14, 2016
Video 5 Tips for Getting Through Winter With MS

5 Tips for Getting Through Winter With MS

Winter can be a challenge for people with MS, but there are some helpful tips for things you can do to make the chilly, winter months a little bit easier.
by NewLifeOutlook Team on November 8, 2016
Finding Purpose and Meaning Through Life With MS: Part 2

Finding Purpose and Meaning Through Life With MS: Part 2

"My focus is on what I have now, in lieu of what I don’t have. This is my time and I — and only I — decide how to feel about it."
by Debra Robert on October 31, 2016
Finding Purpose and Meaning Through Life With MS

Finding Purpose and Meaning Through Life With MS

"I know we can live lives with perhaps an even deeper meaning and more purpose than ever before," Debra writes on finding purpose in life with MS.
by Debra Robert on September 13, 2016
Stepping Out of Your MS Comfort Zone

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone With MS

I've found myself stuck in a rut so many times since my MS diagnosis and I'm guilty, at times, of hiding behind it. I need to get out of my MS comfort zone.
by Abigail Budd on September 7, 2016
What Does MS Feel Like?

What Does MS Feel Like?

What does MS feel like? None of us can predict our future, but for those of us with MS, we face endless layers of the unpredictable upon every waking day.
by Debra Robert on August 2, 2016
MS Life Lessons

7 Things I’ve Learned About Life Since My MS Diagnosis

"There’s no doubt that a life-changing diagnosis like MS will challenge how you see the world and change who you are." Abigail shares her MS life lessons.
by Abigail Budd on June 29, 2016
Everyday Life With MS

The Challenges of Everyday Life With MS

"I am no longer able to do things on my own — I am totally dependent on others." LeeAnne shares her experience with challenges of everyday life with MS.
by LeeAnne Lapum on June 7, 2016