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Debra Robert, Author at New Life Outlook

About Debra

After spending most of her life traveling the world working on the technical end of large scale concerts and conferences, Debra Robert was diagnosed with MS on Christmas Eve, 2014. Now unable to work in the field she’s loved, Debra is determined to live a quieter, more internal life with MS.

Debra writes, sharing observations, experiences and lessons learned from both independently exploring the globe and surviving/escaping a years long abusive relationship.

Weaving a bit of humor and personal observations into her articles while providing needed MS information and some plain old camaraderie, she hopes she can help others (and herself) lead a life of balance and joy with MS.

When not writing in her journals or reading historic fiction, Debra is an abstract artist. She enjoys evenings with her husband and exploring the East Coast Florida night sky through a good telescope and a trusty set of old binoculars.

Debra has a BA in Theatre Arts and a Masters in Film Producing/Production Management. She is excited to have become part of the NewLifeOutlook family and wishes to bring some comfort, humor and valued information to the MS community.

Debra's Work

What Does MS Pain Feel Like?

What Does MS Pain Feel Like?

"What does MS pain feel like?" Debra explains what it's like to experience MS pain physically, emotionally and mentally.
by Debra Robert on September 5, 2018
Art Therapy for MS

Four Reasons Why People With MS Should Try Art Therapy

Have you considered art therapy for MS treatment? Art therapy can help to relieve stress and can be a great complement to your existing treatment plan.
by Debra Robert and Angela Finlay on August 14, 2018
multiple sclerosis wheelchair

Learning to Live Life in a Wheelchair With MS

Debra talks about what it is like to live in a wheelchair with MS and how it doesn't change how she accomplishes whatever she puts her mind to.
by Debra Robert on February 15, 2018
MS on a Good Day

MS on a Good Day: Feeling Good About Feeling Great

"Avoid over-thinking or over-analyzing what is merely a good day. Give yourself permission to enjoy it." Debra talks about appreciating MS on a good day.
by Debra Robert on December 27, 2017
MS in Emergency Situations

‘Preparation Is Key:’ How to Cope During Emergencies When You Have MS

This past September was the first hurricane Debra experienced as an MS’er. She provides her tips on how to cope with MS in emergency situations.
by Debra Robert on November 15, 2017
Types of MS

What Are the Different Types of MS?

There are four different types of MS, which vary in terms of how severe symptoms are, how often the patient has flare-ups and how the disease progresses.
by Krystina Ostermeyer and Debra Robert on October 18, 2017
MS and Alcohol

MS and Alcohol: Is it Safe?

Many people turn to alcohol to help them cope with MS, but MS and alcohol is not a good combination. Even one or two drinks can make your MS symptoms worse.
by Debra Robert and Abigail Budd on September 7, 2017
Is Multiple Sclerosis Fatal?

Facing Mortality, Complications, and Fears

Is multiple sclerosis fatal? No one can escape death, but for those with MS, we have inescapable factors that may determine how our lives might end.
by Debra Robert on March 1, 2017
Finding Purpose and Meaning Through Life With MS: Part 2

Finding Purpose and Meaning Through Life With MS: Part 2

"My focus is on what I have now, in lieu of what I don’t have. This is my time and I — and only I — decide how to feel about it."
by Debra Robert on October 31, 2016
Finding Purpose and Meaning Through Life With MS

Finding Purpose and Meaning Through Life With MS

"I know we can live lives with perhaps an even deeper meaning and more purpose than ever before," Debra writes on finding purpose in life with MS.
by Debra Robert on September 13, 2016