Christmas With MS
Abigail Budd
Abigail Budd
December 11, 2018
There’s so much to do before the holidays, but the endless tasks are much harder for people with MS. Find out how to cope during Christmas with MS here.

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MS in Emergency Situations

‘Preparation Is Key:’ How to Cope During Emergencies When You Have MS

This past September was the first hurricane Debra experienced as an MS’er. She provides her tips on how to cope with MS in emergency situations.
by Debra Robert on November 15, 2017
Talking About MS

Talking About MS – Putting on a Brave Face

Talking about MS and keeping a brave face isn't as simple as society deems it as. Read what Libby has to say about "putting on a brave face."
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MS Quotes

12 Jokes and Quotes About MS That Will Make You Smile

We all know that MS is not a fun. Sometimes all you need to hear is some inspirational MS quotes or funny jokes to brighten your day.
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Video MS and Work

How to Manage MS and Work

If you have been recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or looking to work, listen to Sebastian's speak about MS and work.
by Sebastian Mortensen on August 11, 2017
Video Coping With MS And Depression

How To Manage MS and Depression

It's not surprising to develop depression when you have such an unpredictable illness, but there are ways to ease the pain and cope with it.
by Sebastian Mortensen on July 10, 2017
Multiple Sclerosis Books

Books Every MSer Should Read

If you're like me and you prefer to get your knowledge from books, you have come to the right place! These six books are essential reading for MSers.
by Libby Selinsky on June 4, 2017
Video MS Appetite Changes

Coping With Loss of Appetite

MS symptoms can often impact our appetite. Between dizziness, loss of balance, and nausea, eating can be the furthest thing from our minds.
by Sebastian Mortensen on May 4, 2017
MS Buddy Review

An MSer’s Review of MS Buddy

A new app for multiple sclerosis called MS Buddy connects MSers for support and information, providing a new online community for MS.
by Abigail Budd on April 14, 2017
Driving With MS

Driving With Mobility Issues: Adaptations, Risks, and Assistance

"I’ve just received my new drivers license, which has taken me months to prove I’m still eligible for." Abi shares her experience driving with MS.
by Abigail Budd on March 29, 2017
Is Multiple Sclerosis Fatal?

Facing Mortality, Complications, and Fears

Is multiple sclerosis fatal? No one can escape death, but for those with MS, we have inescapable factors that may determine how our lives might end.
by Debra Robert on March 1, 2017