How MS Affects Your Body


A Portrait of a Multiple Sclerosis Patient

The effects of MS are far-reaching; you’ll notice MS symptoms in many parts of your body.

Every person with MS will have a different experience with managing MS symptoms, but many people notice some vision issues, so be sure to make frequent appointments with your optometrist. Having the optimal prescription for your eyes will help you reduce eyestrain and also to avoid a misstep – a trip or fall could cause injury, and as your sense of pain may be heightened, anything you can do to avoid injury is a positive.

Pay attention to how your muscles are feeling. If you’re starting to feel weak and lacking energy, you should stop what you’re doing and sit down. Having a walker with a platform for this purpose can be quite convenient when you’re out for extended periods of time.

MS brain fog, or cognitive trouble, is another symptom you may notice to varying degrees.

See the below infographic for a summary of MS symptoms.

Multiple Sclerosis - Portrait of a Patient

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Jan 6, 2014
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