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Amy Manley
Amy Manley
May 17, 2019
Massage therapy for MS patients can be effective in decreasing stress and improving flexibility. Learn whether massages would be beneficial to you here.

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MS Injections

What You Need to Know About Injectable Treatments for MS

Another type of multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment includes injectables. Read on to learn more about what MS injections are and more here.
by Erica Wilson on January 9, 2019
Herbs for Multiple Sclerosis

8 Herbs for Multiple Sclerosis Symptom Relief

Although the use of herbs for multiple sclerosis symptom treatment has not been extensively evaluated, anecdotal evidence suggests many may be beneficial.
by Patricia Bratianu on December 19, 2018
CBD Oil for MS

Can CBD Oil Help Manage Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms?

CBD oil for MS may help common symptoms of MS including neuropathic pain, spasticity, muscle spasms, and sleep disturbances.
by Josh Duvauchelle on October 16, 2018
Essential Oils for MS

The Five Best Essential Oils to Help Relieve MS Symptoms

The best essential oils for MS include lavender, peppermint, tea tree, frankincense, and carrier oils. Learn about the benefits of each oil here.
by Erica Wilson on October 9, 2018
Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

What Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Options Are Available?

Multiple sclerosis treatment options depend on what type of MS you have, but it may involve medication, complementary therapies, and lifestyle changes.
by Erica Wilson on September 19, 2018
Art Therapy for MS

Four Reasons Why People With MS Should Try Art Therapy

Have you considered art therapy for MS treatment? Art therapy can help to relieve stress and can be a great complement to your existing treatment plan.
by Debra Robert and Angela Finlay on August 14, 2018
New Multiple Sclerosis Drug

New Hope for MS Is on the Horizon

"A new world is on its way — be ready for it when it arrives." Libby writes on her new hope for MS following a very successful drug trial.
by Libby Selinsky on January 24, 2017
MS Clinical Trials

Participating in MS Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are important to furthering MS knowledge. Libby looks at the pros and cons of participating in MS clinical trials and what you can expect.
by Libby Selinsky on September 20, 2016
MS Medication Side Effects

MS Medication Side Effects to Watch out For

"It is possible to live a full and healthy life with MS, and it is more likely when you take your medicine," Libby shares on MS medication side effects.
by Libby Selinsky on August 30, 2016
Solu-Medrol for MS

‘Childbirth Was Easier:’ Solu-Medrol for MS

"I believe the medicine is worth the struggle," Libby shares about the effective, yet intense, IV drug Solu-Medrol for MS treatment.
by Libby Selinsky on July 11, 2016
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