Woman being massaged
Amy Manley
Amy Manley
May 17, 2019
Massage therapy for MS patients can be effective in decreasing stress and improving flexibility. Learn whether massages would be beneficial to you here.

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Yoga for MS

Why Yoga May Be the Best Type of Exercise for MS Patients

It’s the versatility of yoga that really makes it an ideal exercise for those with MS. Learn about how yoga for MS can help and more here.
by Angela Finlay on November 13, 2018
Pilates for MS

Improve Your Strength and Balance With Pilates for MS

"I needed to find something I could do at home on my own terms and at my own pace, so I started to make enquiries about private Pilates lessons."
by Abigail Budd on December 14, 2016
Video The Ins and Outs of Exercising with MS

The Ins and Outs of Exercising with MS

Exercise has been proven to be highly beneficial for MS. Sebastian shares his experiences and recommendations for exercising with MS.
by Sebastian Mortensen on June 28, 2016
Video Yoga for MS video

Using Yoga for MS Symptom Relief

Breathing and stretching are great, but it’s the versatility of yoga that makes it an ideal exercise for MS patients. Here's what you can expect.
by NewLifeOutlook Team on June 1, 2016
Seated Exercise for MS

Stay Safe and Active With Seated Exercise

One solution to combat the barriers you may be facing is seated exercise, where exercises and weights are done without having to get off your behind!
by Abigail Budd on January 19, 2016
Exercising With Multiple Sclerosis

How Exercising With Multiple Sclerosis Has Helped Me

"My advice is to find something. Be it walking, biking, swimming, or yoga, just keep moving forward," Gerard writes on exercising with multiple sclerosis.
by Gerard Blink on January 12, 2016
MS and Exercise

MS and Exercise

It's important to your overall well-being that MS and exercise go hand in hand. Learn about the many benefits of exercise and how to overcome the barriers.
by Eric Patterson on December 29, 2014
Infographic exercising with ms infographic

Exercising with MS

Exercise can help improve many of the symptoms MS patients experience, but only if that exercise is being done safely. Consider these tips for staying safe.
by NewLifeOutlook Team on January 6, 2014
Video Adapt Your Exercises

Adapting Exercises for MS

Jeff Segal demonstrates some simple tricks for adapting exercises for MS, to make them more manageable.
by NewLifeOutlook Team on January 2, 2014