The Ins and Outs of Exercising with MS

Sebastian MortensenSebastian Mortensen
Jun 28, 2016

Sebastian is a vlogger who discusses life with multiple sclerosis. He lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In this video our new vlogger Sebastian shares his experiences with and recommendations for exercising with MS.

Watch the video above to hear his thoughts, or read the written summary below.

When you have MS, very few things are certain. But there is one thing that has been proven to be highly beneficial for MS time and time again, and that is exercise.

Exercises for Multiple Sclerosis

I practice both strength training and yoga.

Strength training helps to improve and prevent the muscle weakness that MS can cause. As you continue with strength training, it’s very encouraging to feel yourself getting stronger.

Yoga is perhaps the king of all MS exercises. Stretching your muscles helps train them not to succumb to spasms.

When I feel spasms starting in my legs, I instinctively start doing quad and hamstring stretches. It’s quite amazing how quickly it helps make those spams better, and improve my walking.

I have found nothing but benefits from exercising and I do encourage everyone to give it a try. I know it can be daunting to think of committing to an exercise routine when you find it hard enough to just get through your daily life, but rest assured it is worth it.

Be Safe

Just a word of caution: don’t push yourself too far. Listen to your body and your limits. See what you can do, here and now, today. Maybe tomorrow you’ll be able to do more, maybe less. But don’t give up.

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