Coping With Loss of Appetite

Sebastian MortensenSebastian Mortensen
May 4, 2017

Sebastian is a vlogger who discusses life with multiple sclerosis. He lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

MS symptoms can often impact our appetite. Between dizziness, loss of balance, and nausea, eating can be the furthest thing from our minds.

Watch the video above to learn about MS appetite changes, or read the written summary below.

Know What You Can Stomach

Figure out at least one type of food you can handle when your appetite has decreased, and try to stick with it. Don’t totally avoid eating — this could lead to dangerous complications.

Make an Effort

You may need to really work to make yourself eat if you have no appetite. Often when you eat something it jumpstarts your appetite, so gently try to get some food down.

Try Exercise

Light exercise, like yoga or walking, may actually stimulate your appetite.

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