10 Spring Activities for MS to Get You Outside Today

10 Awesome Spring Activities for MSers

Spring Activities for MSSpring is really a great season for people with multiple sclerosis (MS). It’s like Goldilocks — not too hot, not too cold, just right!

Many of us have been cooped up all winter and the sun is finally saying, “Hello, it’s time to get outside and bask in the season of rebirth and beauty.”

When spring hits every year, I like to get started on all of my favorite things I have been holding off for many cold and dreary months. There is so much to do that it is hard to decide what to do first.

Also, I have to confess, I am just getting over treatment for my first MS relapse in many years.

I am blessed that it has been almost eight years since my last relapse. However, I have been taken down a few pegs. My spring has to start slow and easy this year before I am able to build myself back to my old self again, but I refuse to let such good weather go to waste, so here goes!

Here is my list of favorite springtime activities that are sure to brighten an MSer’s spirits!

Go Walking or Take the Hiking Trails

If you have any great trails to walk within a reasonable driving distance, go and rekindle your romance with nature there.

I have a gorgeous park about a mile from my home. We have several miles of trails, with differing terrains, that we can walk or run.


I make a point of getting out there in the morning hours after my son goes to school. The mornings are ripe with little creatures, making noise everywhere. Plus, the trail is less busy.

A less busy trail allows me the freedom of walking at my pace, with the added benefit of trying out my running again, without anyone seeing me fail at it.

I may or may not have failed at it this morning — tomorrow is another day.

Enjoy a Nice Bicycle Ride Around the Neighborhood

Bicycles are a great way to get out and enjoy the world, while also gaining a low-impact workout. One of the only things I have come to enjoy about our defunct national rail system is the seemingly endless miles of new bike and hike trails that have emerged all over the country.

I have successfully mapped out a trail that runs from northeastern Ohio all the way to Washington, D.C., using only rail trails and side roads. I am determined to make the trip one day. For now, I am training up on the old Ohio Erie Canal Trail that stretches almost the entire distance of the state of Ohio from north to south.

My son and I spent many days of last year’s spring on these trails. We have made countless great memories, exploring the outdoors and having picnics on our way. We plan on making more memories this year too!

Take the Whole Family Out for Picnics

One of the most customizable and enjoyable activities I can think to do outdoors is have a picnic. I will picnic every chance I get; I love to picnic alone, with one person or as a group.

The great thing about this activity is it is truly open for anyone, of any ability, to participate. It is a celebration of the outdoors in the finest way.

You can come up with a big fancy to-do, or have a nice private meal under a tree in bloom. Seriously, if you haven’t eaten with your toes in the grass under the shade of a blossoming cherry tree in a while, don’t you think it’s time you have?

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