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Multiple Sclerosis article: Helpful Multiple Sclerosis ResourcesHelpful Multiple Sclerosis Resources

"The flood of information, while useful, can be damaging if not looked at with a discerning eye." Libby shares her favorite multiple sclerosis resources.

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  • After my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis 2 years ago, i stopped all the Multiple sclerosis medicines prescribed due to severe side effects, and decided to go on natural herbal approach. My primary care provider introduced me to Rich Herbs Foundation and i immediately started on their Multiple Sclerosis herbal formula treatment, this herbal treatment has made a tremendous difference for me. My symptoms including shaking, muscle weakness, fatigue, mood swings, numbness, double vision and urinary retention all disappeared after the 4 months treatment! Their website is w w w. richherbsfoundation. c o m. Its just amazing!

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