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Multiple Sclerosis article: MS and AlcoholMS and Alcohol

Many people turn to alcohol to help them cope with MS, but MS and alcohol is not a good combination. Even one or two drinks can make your MS symptoms worse.

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  • I can not drink either, I stopped even the very rare occasion to have a drink before my diagnosis. It only worsens my symptoms and fatigue the following day. I am an advocate for MMJ for relaxation, muscle spasms and fatigue!
  • @Casey Hello,

    I wonder if you could tell me what MMJ is?
    Thank you, Angela
  • Good Morning.
    For Me Alcohol is a Very Bad Idea! Mainly because I'm a Mean Ass Alcoholic but before I got sober, I did notice that Alcohol Exacerbated my ability to walk, drive, and maintain balance. Not to mention, I was Mean as Hell.
    I was Diagnosed with MS in1999 and I've been Sober since July 18, 2001.

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