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Multiple Sclerosis article: MS and the FluMS and the Flu

MS and the Flu: The flu isn't fun for anyone, but when you have MS it could lead to complications. Try these tips for keeping healthy this flu season.

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    Im the opposite of this but i do keep my hands clean not near 15 seconds usually rinse with or cold water and i refuse the flu shot last year and this year after hearing some wont work or cause neurological problems About 3 weeks ago i went out in shorts to clean out drive way out in the 20's stayed for at least 15 minuets then 2 days later my grandparents shes close to 78 needed the top of there van clean off since all the snow was there didnt keep warm for that either. Its like im getting mood swings then i dont think clearly. Other then the fact that my vitiman D is low and white blood counts low and i share a room with my brother who wont use any source of a heater for the room no matter how cold it gets
  • Avoiding the flu article - one of the recommendations was to take Zinc supplements. I'm not so sure. I have taken them the last 4 winters and they do help me avoid cold and flu and shorten the duration if I do get sick. However, every year in February/March I suffer a MS relapse. Not sure if the two are related, but after asking a few medical professionals, it's not very clear how Zn works in the body, and anything ramping up the immune system is a concern for most of us with MS. I'm skipping the Zn this winter to see what happens with my 'typical' relapse.
  • @Pens66 This is Slvrfox, I've been diagnosed for 13 yrs now and I have to ask, why would you stop taking something that apparently works for you. It may, or may not be the Zn, but who cares. If taking Zn for the past 4 yrs works for you, which is the most important thing, then so be it. I would be looking for a change your doctor can give you to help get you thru another change of the season. Historically my month was Nov. Not any more though. As time past we figured out what the problem was and fixed it.
  • An antibiotic is not used to treat flu!!

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