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Multiple Sclerosis article: Types of MSTypes of MS

There are four different types of MS, which vary in terms of how severe symptoms are, how often the patient has flare ups and how the disease progresses.

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  • Hello, anyone using tysabri? Do you feel constantly fatiged?
  • That's supposed to say Tisabri
  • I was on Rosaries for about 5 years and I loved it. It was the best I had felt since my diagnosis in '99.
  • ChemwifeChemwife Member
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    I have Relapses remitting MS .I have eight lesion in my brain and two on my spine . I've gone from injection medication to taking Tecfiera now cause my skin finally rejected the medication shots. I have problems walking and go knumb from my shoulders down ofter.I just use my elbows to get to my walker when my husband busy at base.I try to stay positive and not show my pain in front of my kids.Has anyone had any luck on Tecfiera.
  • I am not sure of process. They just found I have 4 lesions on my brain. One is really large. Next up is MRI of neck, MRA and spinal tap. I am really nervous. So far all can think of is just one MS episode. I also have superficial siderosis. Can anyone give any advice what I'm looking at.
  • Chemwife,
    I have been using tecfidera for about eight months now and I have to say I really like it.
    I was diagnosed in June of 2004 and started with rebif injections three times a week. My skin
    could not tolerate the shots anymore. I have rrms.
  • @hiker
    I am constantly fatigued so hard to get motivated to do anything. My family members get frustrated and
    call me lazy, I just ignore it and tell them I hope they never have a serious disease.
  • @Chemwife I was diagnosed with RRMS in October 2014 and the only thing I have been on is the Tecfidera, going on 3 months now, and so far it has been fine. I do get red faced a lot but aside from that as long as I take it with food I have no other side effects. I go back in in April for my 6 month MRI and fingers crossed its doing what is supposed to be doing.
  • lynneheallynneheal Member
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    NO MS drug will ever cure MS its all about making profits, shares and commissions alongside very high salarys. Many are full of poisons. MS drugs were made for mice not human beings . A cure will never be found either while billions is being made and lots being pumped into research that all do drugs. Many who have died with MS have all been on MS drugs also . Many become ill on MS drugs they make many feel worser .I have uncovered whats really going on and travel the world and speak out. Its sick to the core with so many involved pushing dangerous MS drugs
  • I have RRMS I was diagnosed in 2007. I started in Copaxon and was on it for all this time up till 3 months ago I am now on Gylinea pills 1 Q day and it has been the best for me.
    I started out with 19 lesions on and in my brain but it still took 2 years to diagnose me because that and memory loss was my only symptom. I had another MRI and I was told I had more then 22 lesions I wish it hadn't taken so long to get the medication to me.
  • FYI, SPMS never progresses into PPMS. PPMS is PPMS from it's start.
  • Desinie, Thank you for that bit of information!! It is huge for me to know that
  • I was recently told I have ms in September 24. I really haven't fully accept it. I Have a hard time walk because I also a diabetic . so I have the double whammy. I am looking for a med for my ms that will allow me to drive and have less side affects. Can anyone help me?
  • sherriesherrie New Life Outlook
    You are correct @Desinie, that was a mistype and is being corrected. So sorry about that!
  • @lynneheal I agree with you. My dr won't put me on any of the MS drugs because of my other illnesses they could make me a lot worse. But he has tried giving me steroid injection therapy which helps to take the swelling down in my lesions and not interfering with my other meds. Yes I still have flare ups but they are not as bad as my first one.
  • My son who is 19 lost his vision when he was 18 first in left eye then right, only symptoms but dr diagnosed MS that only affects vision. Taking Tecfidera small amount of improvement but still very low vision. Anyone else heard of this.
  • @rolltidekaren I am also on techfidera and get the red flushing side effect. I take 1 low dosage aspirin 1/2 hr before my morning dose only and it has stopped the flushing. My pharmacist and doctor both recommended this.
  • hippiemamshippiemams Member
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    I have RRMS now for over 20 years I am totally allergic to tecfedera...it helped so much in the beginning till the side effect kicked in......Very sad.......now back to square one...next hurdle !
  • Is there anything natural that you can take to stop the systems from getting worse? I refuse to let this win but I hate prescription drugs!!
  • RRMS to SPMS. 12 yrs/RR and 8yrs/SP. No more meds prescribed....just looking for peace in my life
  • katekate Member
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    It is up to the individual what treatment they decided to take or not take for their MS, Getting sick and tired of some people knocking drug companies ,and they are just making money off us etc, If you believe that is okay, and people that want to take drugs that is okay, It is up to the individual to make their own chooses.Hate when people drum their beliefs on others
  • I cannot get a decent neurologist with my current insurance. .i work at a hospital that doesn't have MS doctors..my symptoms are getting worse and I can't get help.
  • I was just recently diagnosed w/ PPMS in 2014, was orginally diagnosed w/ RRMS by a normal neurologist in 2012. But the specialist i have been seeing said it was PPMS and that most likely i have had it since 2009. I have too many lesions to count but one 2cm diamerter one that is causing most of balance, mobility, memory, and speech problems. Currently I am on Rebif and so far that is helping to slow the progression and reduce the size of the active lesions.
  • Hello my name is Rebecca my wife was diagnosed in March 2012 with RRMS she is on Copaxone and she can't take anything else because since then she has had two heart attacks and has become a anemic she is only 31 years old. But she stopped smoking. She takes all her meds and finds that flexaril and xanax along with the copaxone helps her spasms . Just thought I'd share her story. She is also wheelchair bound not cause of ms but because there is something wrong with her spine.
  • Wow I have progressive relapsing remitting MS and am on Tysabri. No wonder why my doctor freaked out when she first saw my MRI right after I got diagnosed 15 years ago. According to this article I have the most severe type and am on the drug that helps my rapidly progressing symptoms. But I'm still walking, talking and can think clearly. My fatigue sucks but I feel so fortunate that Tysabri has been working so well for me. No new lesions since I've been on Tysabri for the past 8 years.
  • I've had secondary progressive MS. I've had it since 1998. I'm still walking, my speech is fine - starting to have some memory issues - could be due also to being 58. I just can't believe they will ever share a cure because it is such an expensive disease. I would hope for better drugs. I do work out, i use MMJ products - mainly for nerve pain and sleep. I have found when I accepted for what it is, I started doing much better. I've gone from a walker to a cane and now - I'm good, I'm happy again. Please don't get me wrong, the first two years I just wanted to die. I've gone back and forth emotionally and physically - I did find with a more positive attitude helps.
  • MS since 2009. Currently doing pretty well on immunoglobulin. Since the MS is progressing quite a bit now, I m ready to get more aggressive with treatment. Since I'm JC virus negative, I'm ready for Tysabri. Switching to being seen at a university based MS Center has made a very positive difference. General neurologists have a difficult time staying current, given they're seeing patients with so many other conditions. MS Centers also have most everything you need in one place. Latest generation MRI/MRA, neuro-ophthalmologists, urologists, and other specialties. I have to travel four hours round trip but it's so worth it. Of course, lifestyle changes make a big difference too. USC requires an agreement to engage in good nutrition and exercise habits, as well as stress management.
  • @reneehart
    I was diagnosed in my 20's and was put on Avon ex injections. 16yrs on that and switched to Tecfedera pills. I LOVE TECFEDERA!!! you should try that first. It has been tested in Europe already and that is why the FDA fast tracked it here. Almost no side effects for me at all!!!!
  • Also....I have RRMS
  • ellabellab Member
    I changed my lifestyle and quit the meds. They all had bad side effects for me. Tecfidera included. My advice take control of your life don't let the meds do it for you.
  • I've just recently got diagnosed with MS on currently on the last dosage of my.steriod ivs what other meds can i take now that I'm off the ivs in a.fews day?
  • @ellab I think you are playing a dangerous game with your health...MS just doesn't go away...it is the devil...just waiting to come back again...and it will, and you could be keeping it in control by taking medications...
  • @den1jam I have never heard of progressive RRMS...it's RRMS which goes to SPMS or PPMS...Primary Progressive...either way you are very lucky to be living now with the new drug treatments...
  • @croraback you can call the AMA to get a list of MS specialists in your area...
  • @Valerie_E45 why are they doing a spinal tap if they have diagnosed you with MS...a spinal tap is a diagnostic test for MS...it offers no treatment...go to a specialist.
    You should have had all your MRIs done once you were diagnosed...not piece meal...

    In case anyone is wondering ...I was a registered nurse. I worked on the neurological service...I served for 40 years...and even I was not diagnosed until I was 60 and I had symptoms in my 30's...I did not have a spinal tap...I had all my MRI's re evaluated and had EPEP and SPEP testing done...
    If you need information about MS...I will be happy to see if I can provide you with accurate information....
  • Sorry for the long post, but I hope everyone gets as much information as they can from me. Please don't get me wrong everyone is different. I was diagnosed four months after the birth of my child at the age of 18. I am now 35 years old. First symptom and only symptom was I woke up one morning and I could not walk. First neurologist did an MRI of the spine and sent me to a specialty hospital stating I had a tumor on my spinal cord. After the second specialty hospital performed an MRI of the brain and a spinal tap it was determined I had MS not a tumor. For five years I was on the Avonex injections. I then found a new neurologist who ran blood work and determined that my body had been fighting the Avonex injections that entire time. He started me on Copaxone and also determine my body was fighting it as well. After that I did a few years of IVIG (immuglobbulin?) treatment. That is the best I had ever felt. Due to insurance I could no longer take that. I then went seven years without a neurologist because mine had left the area. I allowed my PCP to give me a good talking to and found my current neurologist, he is great, he listens to me, and my MRI has not changed in 8 years knock on wood. Unfortunately, and God willing, the MRI showed a growing meningioma. Over the past 15 years my symptoms have been chronic fatigue which I am on medication for prescribed and something I found over the counter I will state that later if you are interested, vision comes and goes in my right eye, loss of mobility in my right leg, loss of function in my arms, and the biggest issue I had as I stated in the beginning was I could not walk for a total of 9 months. I also had I would call them spasms in my arms every night in the middle of the night for approximately 3 to 4 months, migraines which I am on medications for those as well. As for medications for the MS itself I am on nothing. My body has fought everything they have tried. I refuse steroids because I laid in the specialty hospital for a total of 9 months on and off with steroids through an IV and gained a total of 75 pounds. That has been my only struggle is to lose that weight! The only medications prescribed to me is to deal with the "side effects" of the MS which are the migraines and the chronic fatigue. I take 100mg (50/am&pm) of topamax daily and 125mg (am) of nuvigil for the chronic fatigue. What I purchase over the counter is energy and fat metabolism factors by Andrew Lessman for the chronic fatigue. My neurologist also sent me for a sleep study and I'm on a CPAP machine which has helped until I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism which is in the process of being treated. Yes I continue to work 60 plus hours a week because I am a single mom yes it is hard yes I have the good Lord standing behind me and pushing me each step of the way and picking me up when I fall! Is what I'm about to say best for everyone: No Will it anger people: maybe Will it give hope to someone who was in the same situation I was in 15 years ago: praise Jesus yes! Did I wake up every night in the middle of the night with those spasms in my arms and curse God and scream that I hated him, absolutely! I lived my life for 13 years without him! Then I bought my house my neighbors were good Christian people and God used them to have me find Him again! Has I push myself beyond what the doctors have told me for the past 15 years, yes! Does everybody tell me it is not healthy, yes! Do I feel good? Yes! You, yourself know your own body and can do what you know you can do! My MS journey has taught me to be a better hospice nurse, a better mother, and overall just a better person. I love each and everyone of you that are fighting your battle each and every day as does our Amazing God upstairs! Keep fighting!
  • @Ephesians35 I'm sorry, I'm also on Furocet PRN as a breakthrough for the migraines
  • @croraback Google MSA they help a lot. They helped me get a cooling vest at no cost. Please look into them
  • @debyl please read my post as it may help... Good bless hun!
  • Sorry, what about Progressive Relapsing? That's generally the 4th type of MS.
  • @Jzelonka It's just called "progressive relapsing" (there are no period of remission, and yes it is the worst type, by a long shots

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