MS Numbness and Tingling

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Multiple Sclerosis article: MS Numbness and TinglingMS Numbness and Tingling

When you have MS numbness and tingling can become so uncomfortable they begin to interfere with daily life. Learn about controlling these symptoms here.

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  • Carbamazepine 200 mg 3 times a day has reduced the burning, pins and needles by 75%!!!
  • Lyrica helped with itching and so did extra virgin coconut oil! As for hands and feet my doctor told me to use a paraffin wax machine and use morning and night -- it has helped more then anything I have experienced with my cold hands and feet!! As for my numbness (leather spots of my body - feels like it's not there when I touch it) there has been very little to resolve except steroids and time. I have had several pain and tingling issues resolve since I started using LDN - for the love of self and ability to demand a cheap and safer way to help your immune system please research LDN via Google or whatever search engine you use!! Originally it bothered my sleep more (insomnia from spasms and numbness sucks) and also magnesium has helped too! Finally, if you do not have a dietary eating habit that generated coQ10 it does help your nerves to calm, get healthier and mostly for me got rid of the popping/ringing/migraines and that sharp shooting pain in my head!!! I use 200mg per day and haven't had a true migraine that had no potential help of relief since 2007!!!! Yup that's right! I have held my own 'trial' through other MS'ers and they 12 of 15 people found it helped them in about 2-4 weeks from waking daily with migraines/headaches to maybe 3 a month and after 6 months none they can recall. If it doesn't help it's still heart healthy and helps cellular health. Be careful of added ingredients if you have food sensitivity (I bought some with soy as a bindery and it created other issues because my body hates soy!) other med to help calm my nerves has been Baclofen -- I have chosen to stop Dmd's for 6 months to baseline my ms symptoms and my other potential health issues (tired of everyone blaming my ms for other problems!) -- hope ya'll find some help from my comment and life get a bit better each day!!!!
  • After my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis 2 years ago, i stopped all the Multiple sclerosis medicines prescribed due to severe side effects, and decided to go on natural herbal approach. My primary care provider introduced me to Rich Herbs Foundation and i immediately started on their Multiple Sclerosis herbal formula treatment, this herbal treatment has made a tremendous difference for me. My symptoms including shaking, muscle weakness, fatigue, mood swings, numbness, double vision and urinary retention all disappeared after the 4 months treatment! Their website is w w w. richherbsfoundation. c o m. Its just amazing!
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    I beat my multiple sclerosis through herbal treatments
  • It was the tingling, numbness and pain that clued me in my body was malfunctioning, being touched or even a fan blowing on my skin can bring extreme pain, in the beginning my doctors said the nerve pain will eventually “burn itself out” many years later and countless failed meds I am still waiting for the burn out lol, my experience has been no matter what “specialist” I seen, the pool of meds was the same as the first Dr. I am going to research LDN thanks for the lead.... forge ahead my friends

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