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Recent MS research on causes and treatment might provide a brighter future soon for over 400,000 Americans who have this chronic condition.

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  • It seems like no one is working on finding anything that helps patients with progressive MS. My husband is suffering from that type of MS, with emphasis on suffering. None of the drugs out there work for that type. It sometimes makes as feel that everyone has just given up on him and others like him. It's tough to keep up the hope, when we can't even see a glimmer on the horizon. As his caretaker and wife, it is heartbreaking to see him suffer so much, and watch his body become more and more useless, almost on a daily basis.
  • @omajomama I can understand just how your feeling!!
    I am living with Second dairy Progressive MS and I feel the same way. I have just about stopped all my medications for my MS. I was told by a neraligest that deals with MS that no medicine he puts me is going to work so all he's going to do is watch me dediryate. But I do see all kinds of help for everyone else.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you both.
  • @omajomama I AGREE - we are the "red headed stepchild" of MS. :) My Dr. still has me take the RRMS drugs just in case but I still get an average of 4 significant "flare ups" a year. The only reason I can function is muscle is combination of change in diet, muscle relaxers, pain killers, physical therapy, speech therapy and massage therapy EVERY week. I am blessed to have a great family and your husband is blessed to have you! Don't loose hope. I have just read that millions in grants have been awarded for research for progressive forms of MS
  • @omajomama I have the same, hon.. But, I'm hanging on.. I actually moved away from family, as the dont realize the care needed.. I get more out of strangers..
    Ok, back to the subject.. We have to fight for what is needed.. I started to, right after diagnosis.. But, with RRMS, at the time.. I felt was useless.. And now that I have progressive, I feel there is no help out there.. Truly, I don't know what kind of help would be useful.. Money is a big issue.. Until they develop a drug, or program for those of us at this stage, we have to help ourselves.. Good luck in your mission!
  • sherriesherrie New Life Outlook
    @JJSteiner @kspears @sueann @omajomama Hi all, while we don't actually perform research, I do care about helping you all and am curious if there's any way we can do so here, from a content perspective? Are there specific topics you would helpful or more relevant?
  • SueAnn, I feel the same as you. I stopped my medication for MS January 2015. I am also very progressive and I know medicine is not the answer for us. Fortunately I have health aids to assist me and that takes a great deal of effort off my plate. My son is buying me a new handicap van. I can drive in the am when I am up to it. This gives me some freedom that otherwise I do not have. Gail

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