Should I Keep Working With MS?

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  • First of all, every single person with MS is different. MS ribs you of you career dreams and goals. It may be easy for some to push through it. I used to. One thing I can promise is by pushing through, YOU are advancing your disease. Do t let anyone tell you otherwise.
    The most important decision you will EVER make after your diagnosis is ACCEPTANCE. Thinking you are above it is very naive. You are not above it. Every single thing you do advances the progression. So get out of denial.
    If you’re lucky enough to have the type the writer does, you can have this mentality. But remember that the disease can progress anytime after remission.
    Work, any work, is a stress on the body. I work FT and every day in my heart I know I shouldn’t be. I can’t quit. Im all I have. But I know I’m damaging me.

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