Is It Safe to Get Vaccinations With MS?

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Multiple Sclerosis article: Is It Safe to Get Vaccinations With MS?Is It Safe to Get Vaccinations With MS?

There are a number of recommendations about which vaccinations are safe and which to avoid when you have MS.

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  • There seems to be some contradictory information here; Varivax is a live attenuated virus vaccine. In one spot you say that the varicella vaccine is ok for MS people and then in another it is said that live attenuated vaccines should be avoided. Please clarify.
  • I'm in the "get a flu shot every year" crowd (seems to be most of the people commenting are as well). I've never been told not to get it (by physicians). The potential benefit?? Yikes, getting the flu could/will cause exacerbations if there is a rise in one's temperature, which...oh yeah, always happens when you get the flu.

    Plus, your comment on how to avoid: "stay away from sick people" is virtually impossible! If we have kids, they go to school, surrounded by sick kids. Oh yeah, forget about getting groceries as stores always have sick people. In flu season, it's simply not possible.

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