COMMUNITY QUESTION: Infusion for remission?

Carmen asks: 'I'm on Rebif but they want to try infusion because I'm not going into remission. I was diagnosed in May! Any advice? I'm scared.'


  • Infusion-- solu-medrol infusion? Did you get an infusion at diagnosis? How do you feel? There's not a lot to go by from your question, here, unfortunately... :(
    It may be that they feel that they need to try to bring your MS under control. Infusions can make you feel a lot better if you're doing badly, and they're kind of a fact of life for an MS patient, so if I were you I would try to relax and think clearly about it. This may genuinely help to get your disease settled down. Good luck.
  • Steroids are the 1 thing that helps me. I know there are dangers but if there is something which will help me
    I use it.

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