How Exercising With Multiple Sclerosis Has Helped Me

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Multiple Sclerosis article: How Exercising With Multiple Sclerosis Has Helped MeHow Exercising With Multiple Sclerosis Has Helped Me

"My advice is to find something. Be it walking, biking, swimming, or yoga, just keep moving forward," Gerard writes on exercising with multiple sclerosis.

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  • This is encouraging.

    I won't be doing this much exercise. We're all different with different levels of energy and strength.

    However, it's a motivation for me to get out and do as much as I can every day. It's one of the things that I can do to manage my MS symptoms.

    For me it's stretching, Tai Chi, walking every day, and sitting up straight (I have the image of my physiotherapist looking over my shoulder all the time!).
  • After my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis 2 years ago, i stopped all the Multiple sclerosis medicines prescribed due to severe side effects, and decided to go on natural herbal approach. My primary care provider introduced me to Rich Herbs Foundation and i immediately started on their Multiple Sclerosis herbal formula treatment, this herbal treatment has made a tremendous difference for me. My symptoms including shaking, muscle weakness, fatigue, mood swings, numbness, double vision and urinary retention all disappeared after the 4 months treatment! Their website is w w w. richherbsfoundation. c o m. Its just amazing!
  • I notice that when I go for my walks with my dog Gunner, my mind is much clearer, the stiffness isn't so bad anymore! I used to run and workout almost everyday before MS. I know that I can't keep a "schedule" I live in WI. summers are so hot and humid. Most of the summer my level of exercise levels off. Winters are cold and can get quite icy, so my walks are determined by weather. So, I need to take that into consideration but walking on the treadmill isn't out of the question in the winter. I don't know why, but summers I can't get on the treadmill, I have central air, yet my legs become so weak even after showering.

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