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Donna asks: 'I've lived with MS for only 2 years now but I was wondering how do you know when something is MS-related or just me being paranoid? I have aches and pains daily but write them off a lot to getting old or out of shape. Is this just me or what?'


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    Hi Allyssa! I can sympathize with your concerns. I have had MS for 23yrs., I'm 61yrs. old. MS has certainly had a huge impact on my life, but none-the-less, I am blessed with a full & beautiful life. I think when you are new to MS it is so hard to know when that new something you're experiencing is an exacerbation. These things are happening at a time that you're hyper vigilant about your MS, especially, if pain is associated with it, or even if it's just a strange sensation. I think it depends on the type of MS you've been diagnosed with. I have Relapsing-Remitting MS. I continued to have on going exacerbations, after my initial attack. I strongly believe in the saying, "Knowledge is Power." After my diagnosis, I began reading many books on MS. Not to scare myself with gory details about MS, & there are plenty, but to understand what some of the more common symptoms &, aches & pains might be. Like tingling, it's brought on by so many things. Being in tune with your body is huge, & never second guessing what you feel as being real. Maybe what you're experiencing will turn out to be MS related, or maybe not, but getting it checked out is very important. Leaving your symptoms unresolved is a really bad idea, because if it is in fact a real exacerbation it is doing damage to your CNS (Central Nervous System). Often your Neurologist will prescribe strong medications (Prednisone) to stop the exacerbation, & I strongly suggest you remain open minded with the use of these drugs. As the years have gone by, I take more medication than I could have ever expected. I've tried many holistic approaches to things, but when Western is the only way to stop an exacerbation, I've been grateful for the medicine.

    I hope this helps you, dear Allysa. Do be kind to yourself.
  • I'm sorry Donna. I thought it was Allysa asking questions. Pls forgive me for not paying better attention.

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