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Yoga for MS: The Benefits of Practicing Yoga for MS Symptoms

Yoga for MS

Yoga has a huge fan base: from fitness gurus to serenity seekers, there is a style, series, and level of exertion for everyone. The low impact and slow, calculated movements make yoga one of the safest ways to improve your strength and flexibility, no matter what point you’re starting from. The meditative principles and bendy postures are excellent aspects, but it’s the versatility of yoga that really makes it an ideal exercise for those with MS....

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MS Clinical Trials

Participating in MS Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are important to furthering MS knowledge. Libby looks at the pros and cons of participating in MS clinical trials and what you can expect.
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MS Medication Side Effects

MS Medication Side Effects to Watch out For

"It is possible to live a full and healthy life with MS, and it is more likely when you take your medicine," Libby shares on MS medication side effects.
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Solu-Medrol for MS

‘Childbirth Was Easier:’ Solu-Medrol for MS

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Chemotherapy for MS

Chemotherapy for MS Treatment: What You Need to Know

Chemotherapy for MS can actually send symptoms into remission. When done properly, patients can see a dramatic difference in their symptom occurrence.
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Herbs for Multiple Sclerosis

Herbs for Multiple Sclerosis Symptom Relief

Although the use of herbs for multiple sclerosis symptom treatment has not been extensively evaluated, anecdotal evidence suggests many may be beneficial.
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Trying New Meds

The Rollercoaster of Trying New Meds for MS

"Another day, another medication, that is what life with multiple sclerosis is like." Libby shares her experience with trying new meds and their effects.
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MS and Continuity of Care

Why Is Continuity of Care so Important?

"There desperately needs to be continuity in the way a person is cared for." LeeAnne discusses the importance of continuity of care for MS patients.
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Steroids for MS

Should You Take Steroids for MS Treatment?

"The side effects hit me almost immediately and turned me into a sleep deprived zombie within a few days," writes Abigail on taking steroids for MS.
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Natural Multiple Sclerosis Treatments

Natural Multiple Sclerosis Treatments To Try

"Many of us with MS become disillusioned with traditional medicine and therapies." Abigail shares some natural multiple sclerosis treatments to consider.
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Yoga for MS

How Yoga Can Help MS Patients

It’s the versatility of yoga that really makes it an ideal exercise for those with MS. Learn about how it can help and how to get the most out of it here.
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