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6 Less Common MS Symptoms You Need to Know About

6 Less Common MS Symptoms

Every MSer knows all about the most common symptoms of MS — walking difficulties, balance problems, bladder and bowel emergencies as well as the omnipresent fatigue. But what about the less common symptoms? How does the average MSer experience the less well-known symptoms of MS? With a disease that affects every sufferer so differently, how can we even positively identify what a “less common” symptoms is? Is a less common symptom something that most MSers don’t...

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Multiple Sclerosis and Hearing Loss

How Common Is Multiple Sclerosis and Hearing Loss?

"As with many other symptoms of MS, it’s hard to explain unless you’ve experienced it." Abi shares her experience with multiple sclerosis and hearing loss.
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MS and Alcohol

MS and Alcohol: Is it Safe?

Many people turn to alcohol to help them cope with MS, but MS and alcohol is not a good combination. Even one or two drinks can make your MS symptoms worse.
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MS and the Flu

How to Handle MS and the Flu

"This winter, the flu hit me like a ton of bricks." Debra shares her experience with MS and the flu, and how you can protect yourself.
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Fighting Back Against MS and Depression

Fighting Back Against MS and Depression

MS and depression often go together – up to half of all people with MS will meet the criteria for a diagnosis. Learn more about why, and getting help.
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MS and Cabin Fever

MS and Cabin Fever

MS and cabin fever is a frustrating combination. Consider these tips for keeping busy and active.
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Stress and MS

Stress and MS

Stress and MS are directly related – stress makes MS symptoms worse, which causes more stress, etc. Try some of these techniques to break the cycle.
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MS and Bed Sores

What You Need to Know About MS and Bed Sores

Bed sores or pressure sores are a serious concern if you suffer from advanced MS. Consider these tips for keeping your skin healthy.
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Vaccinations and MS

Is It Safe to Get Vaccinations With MS?

There are a number of recommendations about which vaccinations are safe and which to avoid when you have MS.
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