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6 Less Common MS Symptoms You Need to Know About

6 Less Common MS Symptoms

Every MSer knows all about the most common symptoms of MS — walking difficulties, balance problems, bladder and bowel emergencies as well as the omnipresent fatigue. But what about the less common symptoms? How does the average MSer experience the less well-known symptoms of MS? With a disease that affects every sufferer so differently, how can we even positively identify what a “less common” symptoms is? Is a less common symptom something that most MSers don’t...

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Anniversary Surprise for Wife With MS

Anniversary Surprise for Wife With MS Will Leave You In Tears

Love can conquer anything, and that’s exactly what Carl Gilbertson showed his wife of 10 years, who has MS, for their anniversary.
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Cheryl Hile Aims to be First MSer to Finish 7 Marathons

Woman With MS Aims to Run Marathon on Every Continent

Cheryl Hile is setting out to become the first person with MS to finish seven marathons on seven continents — and she wants to do it all in only 12 months.
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MSers Inspired By Jack Osbourne's Open Letter

MSers Inspired By Jack Osbourne’s Open Letter

"Share your story and let's band together to encourage one another to keep after our dreams," reads Jack Osbourne's open letter about MS.
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HSCT Treatment for MS

HSCT Treatment for MS

Promising research findings show HSCT treatment for MS can reduce disease activity and progression.
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The Bizarre Link Between Vitamin D and MS

The Bizarre Link Between Vitamin D and MS

Research has shown a connection between vitamin D and MS – the further you live from the equator, the more likely you are to have the condition.
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MS Research

MS Research

Recent MS research on causes and treatment might provide a brighter future soon for over 400,000 Americans who have this chronic condition.
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PBA and MS

PBA and MS

Do you have MS? That uncontrollable laughing and crying could be pseudobulbar affect (PBA). PBA and MS often co-exist.
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Multiple Sclerosis in the News

MS Research News

MS Research News: Researchers are continually learning more about the mysterious and unpredictable disease that is MS.
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Could There Be an MS Vaccine?

Could There Be an MS Vaccine?

Scientists are researching using a TB vaccine as an MS vaccine, and early results show it may be able to slow or prevent the development of MS.
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