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6 Less Common MS Symptoms You Need to Know About

6 Less Common MS Symptoms

Every MSer knows all about the most common symptoms of MS — walking difficulties, balance problems, bladder and bowel emergencies as well as the omnipresent fatigue. But what about the less common symptoms? How does the average MSer experience the less well-known symptoms of MS? With a disease that affects every sufferer so differently, how can we even positively identify what a “less common” symptoms is? Is a less common symptom something that most MSers don’t...

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What Causes MS?

What Causes MS?

Over the years, different explanations have been offered for what could be at the core of what causes MS. Let's take a look at some of the possibilities.
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MS Gender Differences

MS Gender Differences

That said, there some obvious MS gender differences that occur, causing a significant impact on the MS experience of men and women.
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Understanding MS Brain Lesions

Understanding MS Brain Lesions

Lesions, or plaques, are damaged areas of nerves in the brain. Learn about why lesions form, their effects, and some theories for limiting their formation.
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Is MS Hereditary?

Is Multiple Sclerosis Hereditary?

Is MS hereditary? Genetics do play a role, but having a relative with MS doesn't necessarily mean you will develop the condition as well.
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